Viscoo is beginning to build some history, but we are sure our timeline is long from finished. A true entrepeneur from Holland began his journey in 2006 with establishing Viscoo in the Netherlands. With lots of relatives active in the security solution business he was enthousiastic about security solutions before he could walk. 

Viscoo History
2006, September 10  The company was formally established in Holland
2007, March Holland sales center relocated
2007, October  Company management layer active in China
2008, March Establishment of the Hongkong Woelco Video Technology Co. Ltd.
2008 October China Shenzhen production base and R & D center active
2009, March Shenzhen customer service center integrated
2009, October Shenzhen sales center began it's journey 
2010, May Shenzhen production center moved to Bagualing Industrial Zone
2010 June  Officially put into operation a series of high-end, 600TV lines cameras 
2010, July Received the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification
2010, December In collaboration with PIXIM the high dynamic range product
'SONY EFFIO-E' began production
2011, May More PIXIM high dynamic products listed
2011, August  The Viscoo high-definition network cameras are more and more responsible for market growth 
2011, October  Viscoo now produces it's products fully independent
2011, December Shenzhen breaks the magical salesnumber of 10.000.000 yuan (> 1.000.000 euros)
2012, February Viscoo expands the scale of production. The factory moved to Shenzhen Buji Bantian science and Technology Park East to secure further future growth.