• 4 channel IP NVR KIT with PoE
  • 4 IP cameras 960P, 1.3MP resolution
  • including all cables and power supplies
  • Free CMS software available
  • Free P2P service, no port forwarding required
  • Support mobile phone browsing, all platforms
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The NVR-K402 is a 4 channel based IP CCTV kit. This kit contains a 4 channel NVR including 4 Weatherproof IP camera's with a resolution of 1.3MP / 960P! Combined with a 3.6mm fixed lens and 15M IR nightview makes it suitable to fit them at any place.


This kit comes in a box including all the required accesoires, such as 4 lengths of 18m / 60ft CAT5E networkcables, a short patch cable of 1.5M / 5ft, including a power supply. Every kit is complete and offers a great plug and play experience to your customers!


Every camera in this kit is being connected directly with only one CAT5E cable to the NVR! The NVR has a built-in PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) function and will offer the power directly through the same CAT5E cable. Quick installation and direct images on your smartphone, it could not be easier than that! The NVR will assign automatically the IP addresses after it is being connected! All the IP camera's can be accessed by a webbrowser to adjust the image settings. (E.g. color, WDR, etc.

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